Camera PoE & Traditional Camera Pre-Wires

Whether you are looking to add cameras to your existing security system or install them for the first time, Up to Code has extensive experience in the pre-wire work for Camera PoE and traditional camera systems.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a type of cabling scheme and computer protocol that allows devices to be powered off of standard Ethernet cable (CAT 5e & 6) and not having the customer incur the cost of providing electrical power to each device.

Traditional systems call for multiple types of cable or hybrid cable bundles to be installed to provide power, video signal and zoom/pan access.

How Does it Work?

  1. Call Up To Code (203) 876-9748 or email contact form and ask for Jim Pellegrino.
  2. Send us a scope of work (SOW). If you don’t have one or know what it is, ask us for a sample SOW so you can fill it in and send it back or you can hire us to create one for you.
  3. We will create a budget price based on your provided SOW or from the SOW we created for a fee.

 UTC is trained and certified on the latest technology.