WAP Cabling

Wireless access points (WAP) are for sharing your internet connection over the air to anyone in your office that has a laptop, iDevice or Android.  Simply put, you don’t need any physical wiring for someone with one of the above devices to access the internet.

Wireless technology is huge.  Up To Code designs, installs and tests WAP technology for businesses.  We can go from the physical wiring of the cable, to the access point, to the install and configuration of the access point itself be it Ortronics, Cisco, Aruba, Linksys, etc

How Does it Work?

  1. Call Up To Code (203) 876-9748 or email contact form and ask for Jim Pellegrino.
  2. Send us a scope of work (SOW). If you don’t have one or know what it is, ask us for a sample SOW so you can fill it in and send it back or you can hire us to create one for you.
  3. We will create a budget price based on your provided SOW or from the SOW we created for a fee.

Up To Code has network cabling solutions for businesses and system integrators.

  • Secure and Reliable Network Cabling
  • UTC Lifetime Cabling Guarantee
  • Scalable Cabling Solutions
  • Full Documentation and Labeling

We can provide you with all types of network cabling solutions, all the way from a fiber optic feed to the data jacks in the wall. We can handle complete structured cabling.

It makes sense to have computer experts to install your wireless  (WAP) network.