Testing & Documentation

The proper labeling, documentation and testing of cabling is how Up To Code differentiates itself from the other companies.

  • Labeling: Labeling is a very important step and one that is often missed or done with a black Sharpie pen.  All patch panels, patch cables and jacks are machine labeled for a very professional and long term look from Up To Code.
  • Documentation: At some point, for some reason a cable will just stop working correctly either due to age, environmental issues, etc.  With proper documentation such as wiring paths used, as-builts, and final floor plans marked with jack numbers for easy location, a Network Administrator’s job becomes very easy.  UTC can create all these above documents for your records.
  • Certification: Certification of a network, specifically the physical cabling, is the last and final step in the process of insuring you have a 100% solid, trouble free network. This process involves using a properly calibrated cable scanner such as an OmniScanner from Fluke and running tests such as Wiremap, ACR, NEXT, etc. on each installed cable. Most scanners will allow the user to not only save the test results to disk, but to print out certification reports per cable to be able to give to the customer.  This step is often confused with a simple continuity test that most other companies do.

How Does it Work?

  1. Call Up To Code (203) 876-7859 or email contact form.
  2. Set up phone meeting or onsite visit.
  3. Work with UTC to provide specifics for your new installation.

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