Structured Cabling Design

Moving or expanding your office and not sure where to start with your phones and computers? Well, would you build a house without hiring an Architect to draw up a set of plans to enable the contractors to built the house of your dreams? Probably not. What we find day in and day out is most customers don’t have a plan drawn up for their communications network. This is a big mistake.

Up to Code specializes in getting you where you need to be. Don’t try to do it yourself, you have better things to do with your time and it’s what we do every day.  We consult with you to determine your needs. Based on our extensive experience with understanding the codes and standards of the industry, we can create a scope of work that plans out what you need to have done the first time so there are no change orders.

After the installation is a complete, we test each cable and then create documentation that shows how the cables are laid out and labeled so any future work can start with clear direction.