Scope of Work Creation

UTC can create a standard scope of work prior to any infrastructure upgrade or new build out. We will work very closely with you to make sure all your bases are covered and that when you go out to bid with the job that you are getting consistent pricing with little to no change order work.

In simple terms, this is a recipe for everyone to follow when bidding out a job. A scope of work details the exact cable to be used, color of cable, types of jacks, specific patch panel and port numbers, labeling scheme, faceplate colors, etc. This is SO important when bidding out a job so you get consistency with what you are asking the vendors to bid on.

 How Does it Work?

  1. Call Up To Code (203) 876-7859 or email contact form.
  2. Set up phone meeting or onsite visit
  3. Work with UTC to provide specifics for your new installation

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