Voice, Data, Fiber, and Security Network Cabling for Businesses

Professional Cabling Contractors in Connecticut & New York

Up to Code: cabling contractors

Structured Cabling Services

Up To Code designs, installs and configures professional voice and data cabling solutions for business telephones and computer networks.

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Security & A/V Pre-Wire

Our specialty is installing the pre-wire cabling for security and Audio Visual (A/V) systems.

Up to Code: cabling contractors

Structured Cabling Design

UTC offers consulting and the creation of a standard scope of work prior to any size infrastructure upgrade or new build out.

Professional Network Cabling

We Do This:

Up to Code performs data, phone and fiber cabling. Additionally, we offer pre-wire services for security and A/V systems in Connecticut and New York.

You Do This

  1. Create a floor plan
  2. Confirm plan with IT
  3. Create a scope of work


  • BISCI Members
  • Lifetime Gurantee*
  • Quality since 1999
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Why Choose Up To Code?

  1.  We are a professionally managed structured cabling company.  The benefit of a professionally managed company to you as a customer is that we have a staff of professionals ready, willing and able to assist you.  You don’t have to wait for the end of the day for someone to call you back when they are done with the job of the day.  Each job will have a lead installer and a lead project manager in the office for you to communicate with at any time during normal business hours.
  1. We are highly trained in the design, installation and certification of data, voice and fiber cabling.  This is not a hobby for us, or something we do on the side after our full-time job.  Every employee is sent to vendor specific training on their respective products so when installation time comes there are no problems.  We have been long time members and supporters of BICSI and all our installers go through in-house training via the BICSI installer manual.  BICSI is the gold standard organization for telecommunications cabling installations in the US.
  1. We have twenty five years of structured cabling experience behind usWe can give our customers different options for their network environment that they might not get from the average cabling contractors.  Our unique difference is that the owner of Up To Code Data Cabling has twenty five years of experience in the IT industry from working on desktop computers to installing large network servers, switches, routers, WAPs, WANs, etc. This is not experience that the average cabling contractors bring to the table.  What this means to you is that you will not be working with a company that installed electrical cables for 20 years and now is wiring for your most important asset – your computer infrastructure.  There is a huge difference between an “old school” electrical company doing structured cable installations and a company that focuses on it.  We have many customers who can vouch for this statement – don’t make that mistake and hire the wrong company or the least expensive price.  You get what you pay for.
  1. We offer each customer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship and materials.  That’s how confident we are with our quality of work and the high quality of the materials we use.  This includes any labor or materials from the patch panel to the jack in the wall for data, phone or fiber cabling.  Our warranty does not cover acts of God, terrorism or end user destruction (cut wire, bent jack, etc.)